Suggestions For Locating The Best Property Manager

It is a huge decision, hiring someone to manage your investment and so it is essential you do the necessary research before committing to one. Just some of the vital qualities to look for are honesty, organization, and experience. Take a look now at six suggestions that will be of great help in finding your property’s best fit.

From Different Sources, Get Referrals

Word of mouth is tip number one to find a property manager. You can get some great options by talking to other property owners in your area and also by talking to local real estate agents in the community.

Getting a list of property management companies and property managers that they are currently using or have previously used can be of great help. It is also important to ask about any problems or issues they may have had, as well as just what they have been happy with.

Keep in mind that a referral can be biased. This makes it vital that you seek out various sources of referrals. If you continue to hear multiple times the same thing regarding a property manager, chances are far more likely that it is indeed true.

Conduct An Online Search For A Property Manager

Doing your research online is so important. There are websites like AllPropertyManagement and T-Rex Global that permit you to plug in the location of your property, and it’s size, and they will then generate a listing of property management companies that will be in that area.

You will also want to go over a company’s reviews on sites such as and even Facebook, before making any arrangements to interview a property manager.

Still another principal source is the Better Business Bureau where you can see if a company has complaints filed against them and also just what kind of a rating it has.

Very often, conducting this research will allow you to come across some of those companies you may have also received referrals, and this will give you, even more, information about them.

Look At Their Current Work

Take a look at some of the current rental ads being run by the property manager. Are they compelling, professional and free of any statements that are discriminatory? Do they place ads in a variety of different places or just on free sources such as community bulletin boards and perhaps Craigslist?

Look at the actual properties that are managed by them. Are they well-cared for and clean?

Speaking to the tenants that are currently managed by them can be an excellent source of revealing information. The tenant’s opinions are so important because property management is about keeping both you and your tenants happy and satisfied.

Do the tenants feel as if any complaints they might have are being adequately addressed? Just how long does it take for a maintenance issue or a repair to be completed? Is the building overall noisy? Is the tenant considering signing a new lease? If not, just why? All of these inquiries will give a clear indication if the tenants are pleased with the performance of the management team.

You should also ask to see an example of the monthly report furnished to you by the management company.

Several Property Managers Should Be Interviewed

Interviewing several different property managers is tip number four. It is just so important that you take the time to do this so that you can come up with the one that you are the most comfortable and at ease within trusting the management of your property.

You will quickly be able to separate the bad from the good when you interview several different potential managers. You will also quickly see those with a solid plan and real knowledge of just what they are doing. That property manager who is consistently placing tenants and within a short period seeking to evict them is apparently one that is just not good at screening them.

You also want to find the candidate who is not dismissive of your questions, but instead is receptive to them. The truth is that if during the interview, they are not putting their best foot forward, things are only going to go downhill if permitted to manage your property.

You should ask questions about their experience and education, fees charged, services provided and whether or not they have a good understanding of the tenant-landlord law.

Check Out Their Certification And License

The majority of states require a property management license or a real estate broker’s license be held by a property manager/management company to show vacant premises. To see if their brokerage license is active, you should check with the Real Estate Commission of the state in question.

Also, you will want to know if the manager or company is certified with a trade organization like the National Apartment Association(NAA), the Institute of Real Estate Management(IREM), the Community Associations Institute(CAI) and the National Association of Residential Property Managers(NARPM). Certification is offered by these companies after a robust training program has been completed. Their going through this process will indicate to you that they are indeed committed to correctly handling their job.

Of course, your instincts should also be trusted, making it so necessary that you are comfortable with the choice that you ultimately make.

Look Over Their Management Agreement

The responsibilities of both the property manager and the property owner should be defined in the management agreement.

You will want to pay close attention to the sections on provided services, responsibilities of the owner, extra fees charged, hold harmless clause, compliance with fair housing laws and any reason for cancellation.

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Arizona Cities Seeing The Greatest Real Estate Growth In 2017

With the addition of approximately 217,000 new residents, the state of Arizona is one of the country’s fastest-growing states. The new growth has resulted from an enormous economic turnaround, specifically the opening of the Apple plant in the Phoenix suburb of Mesa. There are an estimated 10,000 places available for new residents and homeowners, making the silicon Desert the place to be.

Are homes available? What you want to look for when analyzing areas for relocation and availability of homes, check ownership rates. A high ownership rate leads to a higher overall score, whereas a lower one shows high competition and more options for renters over buyers.

Can you afford to live there? To determine whether a place is affordable you want to use monthly homeowner costs and median home values. The higher score in our report goes to high median homes with low costs of living.

Is the area growing? To answer this, population growth will tell you if an area is attracting new residents. A thriving local economy will usually bring in more home buyers.

Using the above measures, the best places to live in Arizona are provided below. Each of these towns is ideal if you are looking for a place to buy a home. Evaluate what you are looking for regarding incomes, median house values and area growth you can determine which town is a better suit your needs.

1. Maricopa

With a population jump of 19.6%, this area located in the Gila River Valley is a top spot for relocation. More than 805 of homes are owned versus rented, and the median cost for a house is $132,000. Hosting the famous Harrah’s Ak-Chin hotel and casino, the town features a huge historical collection of the Ak-Chin people. The casino is the most significant employer in the area. The community additionally offers the Ak-Chin-Him-Dak Eco Museum which showcases stone tools, arts and crafts, and jewelry.

2. San Tan Valley

This suburb in the Greater Phoenix Area had the highest population spike has not yet been incorporated as its town but did get its postal code in 2009. With a median home value of $126,300 and an ownership rate of 74%, this area is quickly becoming a favorite place. There is potential for growth here, and the low cost of living makes it ideal for first-time homeowners.

3. New River

The residents here earn a monthly income close to $7,185 with 28% of that going towards homeownership costs. Situated to the north of Phoenix, the average home value is $312,200, and it has the highest ownership rates (90.7%). Overall the town has seen 11.23% of population growth. The attraction to this area comes mostly from the low numbers of rentals, showing this is a preferred place for those looking to settle and purchase a home.

4. Sahuarita

A more technologically advanced area located south of Tucson; Sahuarita has median incomes around $5,700 and a relatively low cost of living. The majority of homes in the area are owned rather than rented. Most employment stems from the enormous organizations located there such as Raytheon which is an international defense and aerospace company and the University of Arizona Science and Technology Park.

5. Queen Creek

Thanks to local festivals such as the Roots n’ Boots Rodeo and the American Heritage Festival, this area saw a boost in population numbers of 12.1%. One of the highest household incomes of the places on the list, averages for the area is close to $7,343 a month. Most homes are owned, and cost of living is higher than other places on this list but is still relatively low. Residents can enjoy an amazing Parks and Recreation department, with programs and activities for all ages and come soon will be a new 14 screen movie theater.

6. Buckeye

Buckeye is located in the Maricopa Valley and supports the slightly higher number of renters than the previous location; however, it is still primarily homeowners. This suburb of Phoenix has not had as large of population increases either but has a very decent median household income and low cost of living. The town is famous for its old time’s western theme and annual Buckeye Days festival and the Helzapoppin’ Rodeo.

7. Marana

A relatively young city, when compared to most of Arizona towns, the population soared by 2012 to reach a little over 34,000, which is a big jump from its previous 1977 count of 1,500. Although the city is not very big, it has its airport and a decent monthly income close to $6,000. There is room for growth here, and the cost of living is low, which makes a potentially ideal spot to settle and buy a home.

8. Anthem

A relatively small town of 23,000 residents, this community is still a very busy one and offers a lot to its members. The cost of living here is slightly higher than others on the list, but monthly median incomes are also a little higher. You can enjoy the veterans’ memorial, Liberty Bell Park, and the Splash Pad as well as the beautiful 64-acre community park hosted by the Community Council Parks and Facilities.

9. Green Valley

30 miles south of Tucson, there has not been a lot of growth here in regards to population, and the median monthly income is significantly lower than the other places listed. Most of the residents are employed in the local copper mines or the Smithsonian Institution’s Whipple Observatory (located in the nearby town of Amado). The lower growth rates, incomes and home values ($182,000 on average) are most likely due to this largely being a retirement community.

10. Goodyear

The original land for this town was bought by Paul Lichfield (Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company). Affordable to live there with decent incomes and steady growth rates, the town has an excellent economic standing for potential homeowners. Jobs are provided mostly by Macy’s and Amazon fulfillment centers as well as the popular food production companies of Snyder’s of Hanover, Del Monte, and Poore Brothers. This town is great for baseball fans, as it hosts both the Cincinnati and the Cleveland Indians spring training camps.

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The Elliot Road Technology Corridor Mesa, Arizona Project Overview

With the Silicon Desert slowly expanding into Mesa, America’s most conservative metropolis is starting to attract the attention of technology heavyweights across the country. For instance, Mesa is already home to Apple’s 2 billion dollar global operations command center.

Key Factors that Are Attracting Businesses to Mesa

The business attraction can be attributed to the persistent efforts that have been put in place by the local government to encourage economic development in the region further. According to the city’s Economic Development Director Bill Jabjiniak, two things will attract technology companies and other companies—infrastructure and the efficiency of land entitlement process.

Mesa’s ‘Elliot Road Technology Corridor’ today has more than enough infrastructures in place to lure any serious American company or a multinational. For instance, the city’s massive power system installation, located close to SRP’s Browning receiving station together with the 69Kv, 230kv and 500Kv transmission lines are large power infrastructures with a capacity to supply more than enough energy needed for industrial operations.

Another factor that is attracting Silicon Valley businesses to Mesa is the ease of access to SRP’s extensive, redundant fiber network. Companies can take advantage of this massive and unused fiber network to connect with the world.

Likewise, the decision by the local government to set up the Eliot Road Technology Corridor Planned Area Development Overlay, after the Mesa City Council’s unanimous approval in September 2014, has slashed entitlement time in the corridor by up to nearly 80%. This is something that investors cannot ignore. The overlay extends across areas directly north of Elliot Road from Signal Butte to Hawes Roads.

Apple’s Significant Impact on the Elliot Road Technology Corridor Project

The corridor already has secured Apple, who decided to continue their presence in Mesa, after their contractor—GT Advanced Technologies, filed for bankruptcy, jeopardizing the future of the former First Solar facility it occupied at Ellsworth and Elliot Roads. Although the bankruptcy petition by GT Advanced Technologies was considered a blow to the city’s economic development plans, it was not a fatal one.

Apple Inc. will be a major player in the Mesa, Arizona economy.

For the Mesa local government, staying the course to accomplish the desired economic development goals have not been so easy, especially with so many hiccups along the way. The entry of Apple in 2015, who injected 2 billion dollars into the economy, provided the much-needed bailout to Mesa’s fragile economic development project.

According to Christine Zielonka who is the director of Mesa Development Services, one reason the technology heavyweight chose to stay on, following their contractor’s exit was the ease of doing business with the city.

The presence of the world’s leading technology gadgets manufacturer has been a significant boost for the local government’s efforts to promote the Elliot Road Technology Corridor project as it has shown a spotlight on Mesa and given the city a chance to market its amenities not only to American companies but also to other companies around the globe.

Apple’s Presence Alone Is Not Enough for the Project to Pan Out

Even though Apple’s presence is promoting the Elliot Road Technology Corridor project the best way it can, much of the project still does not resemble Silicon Valley as the area still consists of so many undeveloped plots of land. The only way Mesa can fully realize the full potential provided by the overlay as well as the existing amenities is if the local authorities come up with several in-development and planned projects that yield results. The presence of Apple alone is not enough for the city to accomplish its economic development goals.

What Does the Future Of Mesa and Its People Look Like?

Nevertheless, the economic future of Mesa looks bright. Besides the nearly finished 94,000 square foot health facility on Elliot Road Technology Corridor, many other major businesses have shown interest and announced their intention to join the project. For instance, DuPont Fabros’s decision to construct a data center campus on a 56-acre piece of land at Crimson Road just north of Elliot Road in future is good news for the economic development project. Niagara Bottling also announced their intention to construct a 455,000-square-foot bottling plant in the area worth 76 million dollars. All these new entries will create additional jobs for the residents of Mesa and boost the economy of the region.

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Can Phoenix Live Up To Rising Real Estate Investment Expectations?

Phoenix is projected to be ranked as top housing market by in the year 2017.

Brad Hunter, the chief economist with Colorado-based homeAdvisor Inc, also said that Phoenix should be expected to see better gains in the year 2017 as compared to other competitive real estate markets.

The last recession and crash that hit the real estate market in the US saw other markets have a better opportunity of recovering as compared to Phoenix.

Regarding prices, Phoenix has a greater chance of improving than the rest of markets such as the Denver and Coastal market. According to Brad Hunter, Phoenix began its recovery later than many other markets, as they had to start from the bottom to ensure that there is a good strategy to help in attaining healthy gains in the year 2017. estimated Phoenix to increase 5.9 percent in price and expects a sales growth of 7.2 percent by the end of 2017. Other people who see the prosperity and healthy development of Phoenix are Andrew Glenn and Bryce Lugo who are agents with my Homegroup Real Estate LLC. Glenn stated that there would be a continuous growth of year over year of up to 5 to 6 percent in Maricopa County Arizona.

Therefore we can boldly conclude that a lot of people have faith in the survival and growth of the Phoenix market. The market had its best-selling year in 2016 since 2006, and the sales of the existing as new homes are worth 115,837 as stated by RL Brown Housing Reports.

For existing homes, the sales from the year 2015 went up by 99,955 dollars which is estimated to be 7.2 percent increase, while new homes went up to 32 percent from 2016 and closed with an increase of over 15 thousand dollars.

According to RL Brown, Phoenix needs to come up with a new pricing structure so they can be able to catch up with the rest of the United States. This is because the median resale of the existing homes in Phoenix market was estimated to be 216000 dollars and had a percentage increase of 0.23% which was quite small in the earlier year. After increasing their prices to 315,157 dollars, the percentage sales rose from 0.23 to 1.38 percent which is good markup. Lugo stated that the high increase of rental prices might also lead to people opting to buy homes instead. If the rental prices shoot to 1600 dollars to 1700 dollars per month, the incentives to rent a house goes down.

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