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If you are looking for one of the best property management companies in Arizona, look no further than Red Hawk Property Management. We offer over 20 years of experience managing all sorts of properties in and around the greater Phoenix AZ metro area, and if you are a property owner looking to rent out your house or apartment, we can help you with a wide range of useful services.

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Exceptional Service

We make a point of offering essential services along with exceptional customer service that you only won’t find at other companies managing properties. Whether you own single family home, a condo or townhouse in the downtown area or a multi-unit complex you are looking to rent out, contact us for very best service. And if you have a Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae property, that’s no problem – we can help with that too.

Property Rental Made Easy

Although we manage thousands of properties all over the greater Phoenix area, we provide each property owner with personal service and are always available to address any issues or answer any questions. Our owner’s portal allows you to access your account and be in control of your rental properties 24 hours a day, making the accounting part of property rental as simple as possible. As an Arizona property owner, one of your most significant concerns is probably finding a suitable tenant, and our thorough vetting system takes the guesswork out of that process. Criminal background checks and a credit report are standard features of how we find suitable tenants, and once they have moved in, we carry out thorough and regular inspections of your property, with a team available at any time to address any maintenance issues. And promoting your property has never been easier, once we put it on our 40 property related websites. We also handle any evictions or collection of overdue rents, so you don’t have to deal with that.

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If you have property to rent in the Grand Canyon state – call us today!

Make The Right Property Management Choice In Arizona

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Property management is an important endeavor to take on. When you’re dealing with property in Arizona, specifically Phoenix, you have several things to consider as top priorities. You must find a company that has a local presence. Knows what the local markets in AZ look like and how they would behave. A local company, might not be the right place to go with if you’re trying to establish a recognized brand or a feel that transcends a local market. With that, it carries into other areas of Arizona as well. Red Hawk Property Management is just such a company.


Making quick turnarounds between tenants coming and going is a key element of a good management company. Making money is the priority, and the speed at which you can move out a tenant, get the place cleaned up and refurbished, advertise and get a new tenant to move in is critical to keeping the cash flow going. You need a company with a vast network of advertisers that can hit any market in Arizona. They’ll also need to be able to handle the screening process to provide you with the types of tenants you’re most interested in. This is a process in itself that requires a good knowledge base of resources. Which can quickly get you the answers you need to make proper decisions rapidly. Time is money, and a good management team knows this to be true.

Free Quotes and a Promise of Excellent Service

Property management in Phoenix and Arizona is a challenging process in a challenging environment. You want the best to be on your side. That’s why Red Hawk Property Management is the best in the business. Offering not only excellent service but a free quote and a track record to prove that they stand by their word when you bring them onboard to work for you. Don’t take on the full burden of this type of work on your own, leave it to the pros and sit back and let the cash flow begin.



Property Management Phoenix AZ

Red Hawk Property Management
2451 E Baseline Rd Ste 410,
Gilbert, AZ 85234, USA
+1 480-396-9766

Red Hawk Property Management In Arizona

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Phoenix, AZ is host to more than two million people, many of which are seeking a new place to rent every year. They are searching for apartments, condos, and houses. It is one of the reasons that many property management businesses are on the rise. Reliable and competent property management companies in Arizona can take care of renting out your property. Red Hawk Property Management is a company that has locations in several cities through Arizona, including Phoenix, Meza, Gilbert, and the Chandler.

Added Level of Customer Service

This company has dozens of websites all available to list your property for rent. Their marketing techniques are proven to rent out your property quickly with tenants that you can retain for years. They will rigorously check the background of any and all potential renters or tenants. This check includes a two-person approval and criminal background check. All of these efforts are to verify that your tenants can be trusted to care for your property and pay promptly. After your property is rented, they will continue to offer service in the form of payment collection and property maintenance. They will even handle any evictions or collections matters on the property owners behalf. They will follow through to make sure all evictions are treated legally and efficiently. Monies left due will be collected in a timely, efficient, and professional way all without lifting a finger.

Constant Property Updates

The company strives to keep you up to date on the condition and finances of your rental properties. They conduct regular property inspections to ensure that the maintenance is up to code. If problems or issues do arrive, there is a qualified maintenance team on hand to perform all repairs and keep your real estate in top condition. A portal that owners can access online, track all tenant payments and expenses. There is a definite reason that so many companies and property owners seek the services of this leading company.

Property Management Phoenix

Red Hawk Property Management
2451 E Baseline Rd Ste 410,
Gilbert, AZ 85234, USA
+1 480-396-9766