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when it comes to tenants for your property management is required

Property management is an important endeavor to take on. When you’re dealing with property in Arizona, specifically Phoenix, you have several things to consider as top priorities. You must find a company that has a local presence. Knows what the local markets in AZ look like and how they would behave. A local company, might not be the right place to go with if you’re trying to establish a recognized brand or a feel that transcends a local market. With that, it carries into other areas of Arizona as well. Red Hawk Property Management is just such a company.


Making quick turnarounds between tenants coming and going is a key element of a good management company. Making money is the priority, and the speed at which you can move out a tenant, get the place cleaned up and refurbished, advertise and get a new tenant to move in is critical to keeping the cash flow going. You need a company with a vast network of advertisers that can hit any market in Arizona. They’ll also need to be able to handle the screening process to provide you with the types of tenants you’re most interested in. This is a process in itself that requires a good knowledge base of resources. Which can quickly get you the answers you need to make proper decisions rapidly. Time is money, and a good management team knows this to be true.

Free Quotes and a Promise of Excellent Service

Property management in Phoenix and Arizona is a challenging process in a challenging environment. You want the best to be on your side. That’s why Red Hawk Property Management is the best in the business. Offering not only excellent service but a free quote and a track record to prove that they stand by their word when you bring them onboard to work for you. Don’t take on the full burden of this type of work on your own, leave it to the pros and sit back and let the cash flow begin.



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Red Hawk Property Management In Arizona

red hawks is the best to go when looking to rental property management in your area

Phoenix, AZ is host to more than two million people, many of which are seeking a new place to rent every year. They are searching for apartments, condos, and houses. It is one of the reasons that many property management businesses are on the rise. Reliable and competent property management companies in Arizona can take care of renting out your property. Red Hawk Property Management is a company that has locations in several cities through Arizona, including Phoenix, Meza, Gilbert, and the Chandler.

Added Level of Customer Service

This company has dozens of websites all available to list your property for rent. Their marketing techniques are proven to rent out your property quickly with tenants that you can retain for years. They will rigorously check the background of any and all potential renters or tenants. This check includes a two-person approval and criminal background check. All of these efforts are to verify that your tenants can be trusted to care for your property and pay promptly. After your property is rented, they will continue to offer service in the form of payment collection and property maintenance. They will even handle any evictions or collections matters on the property owners behalf. They will follow through to make sure all evictions are treated legally and efficiently. Monies left due will be collected in a timely, efficient, and professional way all without lifting a finger.

Constant Property Updates

The company strives to keep you up to date on the condition and finances of your rental properties. They conduct regular property inspections to ensure that the maintenance is up to code. If problems or issues do arrive, there is a qualified maintenance team on hand to perform all repairs and keep your real estate in top condition. A portal that owners can access online, track all tenant payments and expenses. There is a definite reason that so many companies and property owners seek the services of this leading company.

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Red Hawk Property Management
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The Arizona Real Estate Market Prime for Rental Investors

With the Arizona Real Estate market experiencing a robust recovery, it is only to be expected that investors will be drawn into putting money into rental properties. Indeed, real estate investors within the state recognize the potential as the market continues to strengthen, but investors from other neighboring states are also finding the growth in Arizona irresistible.

If you are new to the idea of real estate investing it may not be apparent to you all of the advantages of doing so. It takes time to learn the pros and cons, become familiar with the pitfalls and how to avoid them, and then once you begin investing it can take several years to build up a valuable portfolio.

Buying Rental Property: Overview

With diversification being the ‘buzzword’ in investing many people are taking the time to learn how to invest in real estate successfully. It is likely that you have already purchased Arizona Real Estate at some point in your life, i.e., your home. Doing so gives you some idea of what it takes to go through the purchasing process. Buying investment properties is very similar but with some additional knowledge required.

You will go through the same research and assessment of your financial position to determine the value of the property you can afford and your ability to pay back a mortgage, and then armed with those numbers you go ‘shopping’ for funding. Where rental properties are a little different than residential homes is that the goal is to gain the most significant return on your investment as possible.
Due to the goal of realizing the best return possible you are likely to find yourself looking at properties that you would never consider buying to live by yourself. Cash flow is crucial, and therefore you will be looking to buy properties that the rental income provides sufficient money to cover the mortgage repayments as well as all other expenses associated with the property.

Maintaining high occupancy with reliable paying tenants is critical, and at the same time keeping expenses to a minimum is also of utmost importance. The act of advertising a property for rent, vetting prospective tenants, and other issues that come with the management of real estate is what makes many real estate investors turn to a professional, knowledgeable and well-respected property management company. The value they bring to an investor makes their cost worthwhile.

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Common Mistakes New Landlords Make & How To Avoid Them

New landlords of rental properties need to be aware of the size of the commitment they’re taking on, in particular when it comes to financial and legal matters. Inexperience is nothing to be ashamed of, but it should be used not as an excuse but as an opportunity to seek out knowledge and experience from seasoned experts in the property management field and get their advice, so they are better prepared if they have to deal with safety issues or a troublesome tenant.

Here are six common mistakes for new rental property owners to avoid.

1. Failing to Screen Tenants Properly

Many inexperienced landlords will think they’re saving money and hassle by not undertaking a full tenant screening process. They may be easily convinced by pleasant people with everything appearing right about their application. But it’s vital to protect your investment with due diligence, doing a credit report, enquiring about the tenant with past landlords, and assuring yourself there’s no history of late payment or aggravation or prior evictions.

Any landlord will want to avoid the eviction process if they possibly can. It’s costly, time-consuming and unpleasant. A little extra time spent researching a tenant can save a lot of stress, and any honest tenant won’t mind you doing it.

Property Management Legal Issues

2. Lack of Legal Knowledge

Any departure from local and federal housing regulations from the moment you begin accepting applications from renters can put you at risk of litigation as a landlord. You must have an understanding of local habitability laws and the Fair Housing Act on a federal level, and ensure your property is compliant and legally safe and habitable.

It may seem a daunting amount of legal material to learn, but expert help is readily available, and this should be a priority.

3. Not Following Through On Late Payment Fees

Don’t let any tenant get away with exploiting you by not paying rent responsibly and on time. An exceptional hardship as a one-off may be permissible if it’s verifiable, but if you allow repeated late payments out of a desire to appear kind, you will be losing out on any return on your investment.

Hold tenants to late fees and ensure they adhere to the terms set out in their lease agreement.

4. Not Having Regular Inspections

Inexperienced landlords of rental properties may be tempted to save themselves the nuisance of arranging a regular property inspection. It’s easy to believe the tenant will raise any maintenance issues promptly – but what if they haven’t noticed them, or caused the problem themselves, or are trying to conceal something else?

Beginning each tenancy properly by making safety and inventory checklists, and checking all areas are well maintained, can save you costly and unexpected repair bills in future. You can enlist professional help from property managers to make sure the inspections are full and thorough. Seasonal inspections can protect against any faults or negligence escalating into critical problems in hot or freezing weather.

5. Not Having Full Insurance Cover

The worst possible situation for a landlord is to be liable without a sufficient insurance cover. Be sure to include specific landlord’s coverage in your homeowner’s insurance to cover situations such as somebody suing because they sustained injuries while on your property.

You should also insist on tenants having renter’s insurance to cover damage on and off the property, as well as their possessions. If your tenant accidentally causes water damage to the apartment below, you won’t be faced with damages that the tenant is unable to cover. Experienced landlords often require this protection to be in place for a term of the tenancy agreement.

6. Not Using A Property Manager

It’s a significant investment to hire property management for landlords to represent you in matters dealing directly with the tenant, but it’s one that can save time and stress mainly as an alternative to managing a property for the first time.

If you are not prepared to go into detail with all the required knowledge of landlord and tenancy laws, or you find minor day-to-day rental issues are occupying more time than they should, then it’s well worth considering investing in the services of a property manager. There is a trade-off between the management fees and the amount of time, and stress property management will save you. If you have multiple rental properties to manage, getting professional help with the day-to-day running can pay off more.

These six common mistakes are part of the array of knowledge you should arm yourself with before investing in a rental property, and are a good starting point towards avoiding legal tangles and enjoying the returns that your investment brings you.

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Foreign Buyers Increasingly Attracted To Arizona Real Estate

Foreign buyers like to purchase property in the United States because they see the real estate market in areas like Phoenix, Arizona are stable. According to a study by the National Association of Realtors, the international sales of US homes is at the second highest it’s ever been in recent years. Owning property in the US is a significant investment. Foreigners are purchasing homes not only to live in them but to rent out as well.

In the past five years, 70 percent of Realtors have stated that international clients have contacted them looking to potentially purchase a property. From April 2014 to March 2015, international buyers purchased $104 billion in American real estate.

Arizona is the third largest state for international sales. Florida and California are the top two. Texas and New York also sell a lot of homes to foreigners. These states make up 61 percent of international sales.

Arizona real estate is popular with foreigners because of the warm weather. There are some other factors as well. This includes the distance to their home country, if they have relatives already living there, and if there are opportunities for both jobs and education. Out of the 68 foreign countries that purchased homes in the USA, there are five the make the majority of purchased real estate. They are Canada, China, Mexico, India, and the United Kingdom. These countries make over half of all purchased real estate, with Canada and China leading the way.

Not all people from different countries like to make purchases in Arizona. Chinese buyers do not rank very high in the purchase of Arizona homes. Chinese buyers make the bulk of their purchases in California. They also like to make purchases in Washington State, New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, and New Jersey.

In the state of Arizona, Canadians make up 46 percent of the foreign home buying market. They are likely to purchase a home for a vacation use or as a rental property. They also are buying condos and apartments instead of single family home. Many Canadians are also purchasing homes in the state of Florida. They prefer the Sarasota and Venice areas as well as Palm Beach as opposed to Miami.

Foreign buyers are important in the real estate market. They spend on average just under $500,000 on a home. Other buyers average a purchase price of $255,000. In addition to paying more for a home, they also spend more money on furniture, eat out more often at restaurants, and attend more sporting events. This is good for the economy. They are not only spending more on the home but spending more in general. Businesses are seeing an increase in their profits due to international buyers.

Realtors need to improve their skill sets when they work with foreign buyers. They need to have a global perspective of things and have experience working with those from a different culture. They need to learn different real estate practices to get along with others as well. The NAR will help realtors expanding their skills and work with those on an international level. A realtor can train to be a Certified International Property Specialist. Be sure to visit this association online to find out more information.

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Why It Makes Good Sense To Hire A Property Management Company

Owning a rental property is one of the strongest investment options available for generating long-term income. There are naturally day-to-day duties and responsibilities connected with maintaining the property, dealing with tenants, and any other issues that arise. These are usually manageable and not too time-consuming when it involves only a single property. But once you get into the upkeep of a portfolio of multiple properties, the responsibilities can become more onerous. Your investment creates more stress and worry than you had bargained for, and the project is no longer enjoyable. Before things ever get that bad, it’s time to engage the services of a professional property management company.

Typically, the property manager takes responsibility for the routine tasks that take up the most time and hassle for a property owner, so you are free to reap the rewards and enjoy your investment. Screening potential tenants, dealing with contracts, collecting rent and dealing with problems with tenants, repairs on site and ongoing maintenance are can all be handled impartially by property management companies. Many property managers are flexible and can offer a partial service for a negotiable fee if you or your contacts are willing or able to do some of these tasks.

Usually, the property manager will interact directly with rental applicants and tenants on behalf of you, the property owner. They can arrange the marketing and advertising of rental properties, hosting of viewings and meeting interested candidates, screening prospective tenants and collecting deposits and rents. Property managers can be the first point of contact for ongoing repair issues or emergency maintenance. They are also responsible for dealing with tenant complaints and can assist you in legal and practical terms if you ever have to deal with an eviction.

It is a significant investment to employ a property management company, and this is a factor which leads so many property owners to attempt to take full responsibility themselves. But for property owners with a full-time job, having the time and availability to look after a portfolio of more than three rental units can become too much of a challenge. The management fees make more sense when compared with the potential income from a larger stable of properties, and the relief of leaving the hard work to a professional manager.

Absentee owners, or owners of a widely distributed portfolio of properties, may find that hiring a property manager in the local area is the only sensible option.

If you’d prefer not to have to attend a plumbing crisis at 3 AM, repair and decorate woodwork or manhandle leaking washing machines, then a good property manager will have the know-how and a network of trusted professional backup to tackle these and all manner of problems daily. If you feel property maintenance and calling on skilled people to organize it is beyond your skill set, then enlisting a property manager is a sensible option.

There’s a long list of issues that may arise with rental property. Using a property manager who’s seen them all before and dealt with them is the best way to prevent problems from becoming nasty, expensive or stress-inducing surprises, and ensuring that your experience of owning and letting a property remains an enjoyable one.

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Boeing To Relocate Jobs To Mesa, Arizona

Boeing executives have announced plans to relocate hundreds of workers and jobs in their Shared Services Group from Seattle, Washington to Mesa, Arizona within the next two to three years. The division comprises 8,000 workers and provides support services to the other Boeing

Mesa’s Falcon Field Airport is the relocation zone for many of the Boeing empoloyees.

units. Boeing (NYSE: BA) already manufactures Apache helicopters and has cyber security and drone operations at Mesa’s Falcon Field.

In a statement to defend the move, a Boeing official had these to say:
“This move will ensure that we are properly structured and positioned to provide the right services most effectively to help Boeing grow its business. The steps include efficiencies gained from automation, adjustments of the management structures, and the consolidation and the relocation of some of the work that supports enterprise-wide services over the next few years to Mesa, Arizona, and other Boeing sites.”

Boeing management had these more to say:

“We have just started engaging our employees in talks to help them understand the process and obtain their feedback as regards the issue. We know that such changes impact our employees and have thus chosen to speak to them directly this early to grant them the opportunity to consider their most appropriate path as we work through this. We are still at the beginning of the process that is expected to take around two to three years, and as such, we are still unaware of the number of persons who will be directly impacted and in what way(s).”

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Should You Self Property Manage Or Put Up With A Property Manager Fee?

Most property owners are often faced with the question if it is cheaper to manage their property or whether leaving property managers to do it is a better option. While some consider managing their property so as to escape the extra fee of hiring property managers, it is worth that you know it is not all about the charge but what the fee has to do with the services. Hence to get the answer to the question as stated earlier, you need to consider all the factors that make you hire the property manager, such as the value of your time and get to see if the services provided by your manager are much more worth that the fees charged.

According to research, most property owners are on the move to hire property managers. There is an increase in the number of landlords who prefer to have property managers manage their rentals while there is a decrease in the number of those who manage their property.

I believe you are now wondering why such a trend and why opt to hire a property manager while you can do it for free. The reason behind this is simple. No one would consider going for an expensive option while you can get a cheaper option, which means that hiring a property manager is cheaper as compared to managing your property. However, how can this be true while you will pay a property manager and you don’t need to incur any fee by managing your property? Let’s have a discussion and discover why a property manager is worth your consideration.

Time is money

Managing your property when that isn’t your full-time job will take much of your time, not to mention that you will probably have to spend much of your valuable time dealing with tenants. This is likely going to make you lose much money especially if you have to leave your business to deal with your rental property residents’ issues. This can worsen if your rentals are too far from your residence or business area. However, no matter the situation you are in, you cannot forsake your tenants as this may just make you lose another income source which means that you will probably have to go out of your business for some time. Such situations will make you make losses on your business especially if you need to deal with your tenants frequently. To avoid losing your valuable time you should consider delegating some duties, the most convenient which is leaving property managers to oversee your property.

Knowledge of the law

Did you know that there are rules set for a property owner to abide by? Failure to comply with such codes will only lead to costly pitfalls. Being a property owner who has more valuable things to deal with, you probably will not have the time to research on such rules and regulations. Besides, keeping up to date with changes to such codes can be hard, which can cause you to deal with costly legal charges or even the loss of your property. To ensure that your property and every undertaking related to it is compliant with the law, hiring property managers is a good step to take as you can have the assurance that you will not fall in the illegal arms of the law. The reason behind this is that property managers keep track of the rules and regulations supposed to guide property owners, thereby ensuring that your rentals meet the required requirements.

Offsetting tax

Despite the fact that you ought to pay the fee arising after hiring a property manager, you can still raise your tax benefits. This results when the management fee is counteracted against your tax.
While there are several advantages of paying the extra fee and having experts manage your property, the choice on whether to incur the fee or to manage your property ultimately depends on you.

Make sure that you weigh the benefits of hiring property managers to the fee charged as well as the value of your time and ensure that you make the right choice.

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