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Specializing in Single Family Property Management

The Mesa and Metro Phoenix property management professionals.

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We Provide a full-menu of Metro Phoenix Property Management services specializing in residential single family homes, town homes and condos.

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frequently asked questions

Answers the frequently asked questions by both landlords and tenants. Answers the frequently asked questions by both landlords and tenants.

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Red Hawk Property Management in Mesa AZ is an equal opportunity housing provider. We fully comply with the Federal Fair Housing Act.

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Why use Red Hawk
for Property Management?

Red Hawk Property Management, it all begins with the name. As you can see we proudly display our specialty, Metro Phoenix property management. Most real estate companies that are involved with managing properties do so as a side business, an after thought, or a temporary fill gap until their real business, real estate sales, picks back up. They may manage one property, yours as a “favor to you” or they may manage several properties, but it is not their specialty.

They specialize in Real Estate Sales, and are simply treading water until the market can fully support that activity. Would you go to a Dentist when you really needed a Cardiologist? They are both doctors, have medical licenses, and probably have their own practice… but the expertise, practical experience and real world knowledge are substantially different. It’s the same when it comes to managing properties.

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Hiring Experts Can Save You Money and Time

Being a Metro Phoenix property manager is a tough, labor-intensive and emotionally draining proposition. It can be very time-consuming, affecting your evenings, weekends and other quality times. If run incorrectly it can cost you tens of thousands of dollars in both time and money. You must be up to date on the current Arizona Landlord Tenant Act, Fair Housing, accounting principles, and practices as well as all related discrimination laws and how they relate to all parties. You must have reliable contractors and handymen that will be fair in price and do an exceptional job with their quality of work or do the repair work yourself. Wow, why would anyone want to self-manage or be a licensed property manager when you can hire experts in Metro Phoenix property management?

Professional, Cost Effect and Landlord Friendly

We love what we do and the challenges that it represents to our company. Red Hawk was founded as Red Hawk Realty and Property Management Mesa AZ, but we always struggled with serving two masters. How could we be the best at both sales and management? We simply couldn’t, so we changed the name and are focusing all of the efforts of Red Hawk on simply being the most professional, cost effective, transparent and landlord friendly company. We enjoy being fair, honest and communicative with all parties involved, while always being cognoscente of the fact that Red Hawk Property Management is employed by the landlord.

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  • Passed the Arizona Department of Real Estate Audit

  • No upfront fees from landlords

  • No hidden fees

  • Completely transparent processes

  • Our goal is to have your property rented within 19 days!

  • Our leasing fee is guaranteed for 1 year

  • 97.8% client retention

  • Highly recommended with no surprises

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Until I found Jerry and the Red Hawk Property Management team I found myself struggling to manage my own rentals. His diligent screening process and hands on management team have kept my units consistently rented. I thank him and recommend Red Hawk’s Mesa property management team to anyone owning investment property. Keep up the great work!

Steve Snyder

I have written so few letters like this over the years but I felt compelled to write you both. When I first called your office I was surprised that someone actually answered the phone on a Saturday morning. You see I had called several other Phoenix property management companies and had left messages with not one of them calling me back…

Susan and Matt G.

My partner and I have owned investment property in Arizona since 2004. I’ve worked with three other Mesa AZ Property Management firms, larger, professional firms, and husband and wife teams. Each firm we have worked with has failed to meet our expectations. Our expectations, simply put, were to manage it as if you owned it, high integrity, honest…

Mark & Michelle

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